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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a verified account to use SocietyOnRent services?

The principal purpose of the is to remove the middlemen from the system and real estate business. If each property owner and tenant is verified through our online registration process, both owners and tenants will be genuine who are really interested in the renting and undertaking the properties.

How long does it take for email verification?

It's a matter of two minutes for your to register and verify your account. As soon as as you register, an email will be sent to you with a link. As soon as you click on the link, your account is verified.

How long does it take for mobile number verification?

Usually it should take not more than 30 minutes, but ideally, your mobile number will be verified in four hours from the time of the registration. SOR Team would ensure to verify as quickly as possible.

How will I know if my account is verified?

As soon as your account will be verified by your clicking the link, you will receive an email from us confirming the verification of your account. We will also send you an SMS to confirm the same.

Is it safe to use login via facebook & Google (social network)?

SocietyOnRent is not after the cheap publicity means and therefore we do not post anything on social media account of yours if you sign in through Google or Facebook. We ensure not to ask any additional information with regards to your social media presence so that you can protect your privacy. The benefit of using social media account to register is you don't need to use email ID/username and password each time. Your email ID will be verified automatically as it is verified by social media platforms. However, you need to provide your mobile number in the profile page which you can edit any time after registration.

Why does Society On Rent perform a house inspection?

Verification has been the most important aspect of SocietyOnRant in order to create trustworthiness. Therefore, SOR Team would inspect each every listed property against all the details provided by the owners and would certify each property as a genuine and as per the standards we have established.

What does Society On Rent look for during the house inspection?

There are various parameters that SocietyOnRant evaluates during the physical inspection. Locality, neighborhood, amenities around property, distance from nearest transport facility, availability of the transport, the construction, the conditions of walls, electricity, water, sanitation and safety features.

Who pays the Security Deposit to me?

With Futuristic business model, SocietyOnRant would encompass the entire paradigm into easy process for owners as well as tenants. Here, SocietyOnRent will pay the Security Deposit on behalf of the tenant to the owners.

What is the mode of Security Deposit payment?

In order to create clean financial environment, SocietyOnRent ensures all the transaction are through either a cheque or by online transfer. We strictly prohibit the use of cash.

What are the parameters that determine the rent of my property?

There are various yardsticks that determines the rent of the property. The most important parameters are:
Location and Neighborhood
Tenancy Type
Number of Rooms
Lifespan of the Property

When will I receive rent?

Once the date of occupancy will be finalized with the tenant, SocietyOnRant is obliged to process the rent of the said property to the bank account of the owners before 5th of every month until the agreement lasts.

Does my house need to be fully-furnished for me to list my house with SocietyOnRent?

No. Fully furnished house is not a mandatory requirement to list your house on Society On Rent. Even if your property is unfurnished you can opt for our subscription plan.

What are the documents/proofs required to sign an agreement with Society On Rent?

At the time of signing the Agreement, the following documents are mandatory:
1. PAN card
2. Electricity bill
3. Water bill
4. Maintenance bill
5. Signed copy of insurance form
6. Cancelled cheque
7. Signed agreement
8. Keys of the full house

What is Auto Booking Confirmation?

If the owner allows SocietyOnRant to take a call about renting a property to a particular tenant on owner's behalf, SocietyOnRant can confirm the occupancy of the property after the verification of the tenant without any fresh terms and conditions and fresh approval from the owners.

What are the benefits of Auto Booking Confirmation?

The auto booking confirmation gives the tenants the ease to select their earliest day to shift. Here the license date begins within 2 days of booking whereas in the normal confirmation it takes 4 days.

How does SocietyOnRent ensure that verified tenants stay at my property if my property is under Auto Booking Confirmation?

We at SocietyOnRent verify the tenants and their documents provided by the tenants during the subscription plan. The bookings are declines if any flaw is found in the documents.

How much time do I get to confirm bookings by tenants if I disable Auto Booking Confirmation?

You are provided with a time of 48 hours to confirm or decline the tenant. If you did not did not provide any confirmation or rejection no tenant will be booked for your property.

How do I change booking confirmation preference?

Managing your account is the most simplified process. Likewise, you can always change the booking preferences to upgrade all or any part of the preferences.
● Login to your SocietyOnRent account and go to the Dashboard.
● Click on Preferences option on the left menu bar on your dashboard.
● Here, you can view the current booking preference for your house. Click on Edit to change preference.
● On clicking edit to view preferences. You can edit your preference housewise.
● Click on Apply to update preferences.

Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Can I list my property until my account is verified?

Indeed, you are allowed to list your property without worrying about verification process. We will verify your account at the time of the property verification.

Why is my property listing not visible?

Property verification is mandatory on SocietyOnRent. Your property will be visible after we verify the content, features, locality, area, photo and location along with genuine broken-free ownership.

. I made a change to my property listing & now it is not visible in search?

You are free to make as many changes as you want in the property details. However, each time, the changes made will be scrutinized by SOR Team to maintain the sanctity of the platform and genuineness. As soon as scrutiny will be done, the changes will appear on the website, which takes no time.

How do I list using WhatsApp?

Now you can list your property through WhatsApp as well. All you need to do is to send property details and images of the property at 9711-550-666 through WhatsApp.

while listing a property?

We are a broken-free platform and therefore hassle-free as well. In order to offer you more leverage in using our services we expect support from you in following some guideline.

● All property details should be accurate

● Owner must provide exact location

● Property description should not include your email or mobile number

● Minimum one picture of rooms, kitchen and amenities should be provided

The entire process won't take more than 5 minutes as we have kept our system efficient and effortless.

I received a SMS stating that my property listing was rejected, Can you explain why?

We are conscious about property being broken-free as we aim to have real estate industry without middlemen that usually harass both; the owners as well as tenants. If we suspect that property is managed by the broker or listed by the broker, SOR reserves the right to reject the listing. In case if your property is genuinely broken-free, kindly contact us at 9643-45-9643 or 9711-550-666 or drop us a mail on

What happens once I list the property?

After you have subscribed to the Society On Rent subscription plan we will check your property and verify the complete details. Then we will activate your property on our website for the tenants. Whenever a tenant is interested in your property we will make them contact you via mail. We will show your property to a total of 25 tenants.

What if I don't get tenants through your special NRI owner plan, Will it be refundable?

Firstly, you not getting any tenants through our plan is very rare possibility, Since there are a thousands of tenant who contact us on a daily basis. Adding to this we will also enlist your property on the premium properties and this will make sure of additional number of tenants contacting for your property.

I have certain preferences of tenants for my property, Will I get good tenants for my property?

Yes, all your needs and requirements for the tenants will be fulfilled and looked upon by your relationship manager. We will show your property to a number of tenants. Supposedly, more than one tenant finalizes your property we will let you make the choice at the end. Their token money will be collected by us and after you finalize one of them in 48 hours we will give you the token money after a deduction of 10% of our service tax.

What's the rent that I can get for my property?

First of all we will ask the rent charges you are expecting from your property. After that our team at Society On Rent will analyze your property according to the area and colony of your property. According the prices of the area and locality of the property he will let you know the best price you can quote for your property.

Landlord Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need wait for my account to be validated to see owner details?

Since we offer genuine broker-free service, you can expect us to to be absolutely sure about the genuineness of the owners as well as tenants. To ensure that provided details are not associated with any property dealer or a broker, we verify each account. Once your account is verified, you can see the property details.

Can I view properties until my account is verified?

The property search on SocietyOnRenty is free and you can search as many properry as you wish for. However, in order to contact the owners through his email or phone number, you required to have a verified account.

. I am new to city, how can I use SocietyOnRent to find a suitable house for me?

The easiest way for those have relocated to the city is our Map Search Feature. The feature makes it easy to find property in your favorite location. You can also use various filters in our Detailed Search Feature to find the right property for you.

I didn't find property for my requirement, what should i do?

Post your Requirement" is a dedicated feature for those can not find the property of their choice. As soon as you will provide us the details, our system will start showing you the list of properties matching your priorities.

What If I do not find a house after subscribing to NRI relax plan?

Society On rent has a wide range of property owners subscribed to our plans and people who are subscribing to us on a daily basis. Also we are running a company that works for providing tenants with a property on rent, therefore there is a very rare possibility of you not finding the perfect property for yourself.

How will my relationship manager help me negotiate the rent?

Each property on our platform is set according to the locality and amenities the owner is offering you. However, your relationship manager tries to negotiate to some extent.

How soon can I get the house after I subscribe to the plan?

We try to provide you with the property of your choice as soon as possible. However, the sole process depends on your requirements and needs. According to our experiences in the past, it usually takes upto a time period of 3 weeks maximum to get you the property from the date of you subscribing to our subscription plan.

Will Relationship Manager be present during the house visit?

We believe in complete transparency. After you have fixed the time of your visit we will schedule the meeting with the owner. Therefore, we do not require us to be during the house visit. After you have finalized the property and the owner agrees we will finalize the deal.

NRI Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register/signup as it does not take any ISD number?

No issues at all. You can easily register yourself using any Indian number you have along with your email address. Also you will not have to worry if the number is active or inactive.

How will my Relationship Manager contact me once I pay for the special NRI plan and also for any updates in future?

We, at SocietyOnRent; serve you with the best service. Your Relationship Manager will contact you via every possible contact using mail, whatsapp call and message.

How can SocietyOnRent help me in preparing Rental Agreement for my property?

Once we are done with the preparation of the rental agreement on the stamp paper, we will email it to the tenant. After the tenant sends us back the scanned copy of the signed agreement, we will ask the owner to digitally sign the agreement. This way the rental agreement will be registered. The only mandatory requirement is owner’s Pan Card and Aadhar Card - without these the Rental Agreement cannot be prepared.

Will you send me a soft copy of the rental agreement?

Yes. You will receive a soft copy of the agreement via email.

General Frequently Asked Questions