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Vastu Tips for Residential Property or Home

For every society, the last thing that matters is its identity hard earned through progressive traditions, cultural up gradation, social reforms, and value adherence. Among all, India is a bit off-the-hook for having multiple cultures and traditions breathing side by side without much encroachment. However diverse, there are some fundamentals that no Indian - notwithstanding the faith - can do away with.

Even in the 21st century of the high-tech world, the new laptop is dotted with Swastik. Let that be a BMW, it will be protected by a lemon-chili string. The same way, no matter how posh, sophisticated, architecturally marvelous, the design you may have, your home should meet some basic structural principles to be able to have a home that symbolizes prosperity, peacefulness, happiness, and social evolution.

Air Circulation

While buying a house on ret often people consider proper air circulation to be a must. Of course, no one wants to live in a house where you feel clogged or trapped. The opening of the window keeps the room and house healthy and improves the hygiene of the environment. Surprisingly, according to the Vastu Shastra is the circulation of air inside the home brings in healthy vibes and keeps the energy in the house positive. While it is cold outside, still people should draw the curtains and open the windows to let the sunlight penetrate inside the house. Air and sunlight are said to bring in positive energy into the house.

Keep Salt in the corners of the house

When you are shifting to a rented house, where someone might be living before, there are certain things to keep in mind. First and foremost you should clean the corners of the house and place a bowl of salt on each corner. This helps to remove the negative energy from the house, which was habitat during the previous tenants. One can remove the salt from the corners after 2 to 3 days, but make sure not to use the salt, but throw it away immediately.

Remove all broken pieces

The wholesomeness holds all the essence of life in whatever you choose for. Therefore, it is necessary to have each essential incomplete. Ensure to remove all the broken pieces of anything that your home possesses. From broken crockery to broken pieces of stool and from torn apart a piece of cloth to cracked kitchen utensils, everything that is broken one or the other way should be kept out to ensure the sequence of positive energy remain intact within the four walls.

Use Metal Bells on the Entrance

The pleasant sound of the tinkling of bells is said to bring in positivity in the house according to the Vastu Shastra. So, here’s a Vastu Tip, when you have shifted to a rented house since you might not be bound to make a huge change in the property. However, all you should do is to hang metal bells on the entrance of your house. The tingling sound of the bells will enter positive vibes into your house.

Pleasant Aroma

Nobody wants to live in an environment that stinks like a beaver or garbage. It will be surprising to hear that any bad odor will bring in negativity into the house. Therefore, you should be cleaning your house at regular intervals, do not clutter things at one place, and also light aroma candles and room fresheners to let the house breath a beautiful aroma and positive vibes entering the house.

Place Mirror

There is a huge hullabaloo that goes around with the Vastu Shastra related to mirrors in the house. Well, there are certain ways through which the mirrors count as positive entrance while some way negative. The mirror should not be in the bedroom, if it is, it should be avoided in from of the bed. One can very skillfully use the decorative mirror in the house, this will make the place larger.

Kitchen North East Corner

There is lots of science in the placement of the kitchen. So if you are building a new home or searching a rental property in Delhi, you must pay attention to basics of kitchen position and kitchen direction. North, north-east is considered to be the ideal position for any kitchen as clockwise movement nurtures positive energy. Not only the position, but the direction-towards also holds significance. It is, therefore, the ideal direction is south, south-east, from which one can move towards north, northeast.

Place Om and Swastik on the Door

The one thing we humans can't fight effectively loneliness. Empty bank account or unemployment does not affect as much as loneliness. According to Vastu Shastra, the naked entrance wall symbolizes loneliness and interpreted as the depressive environment. It is, therefore, have been said to place a symbol of positive energy on the entrance wall to invite and attract positive energy. According to the Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is must begin something new, similarly, Swastik considered to be a highly channelized source of positively and right direction. Make sure to place Lord Ganesha or Swastik on the entrance wall.

Do not keep medicines in the kitchen

If you want all your family members to lead a healthy life without compromising on the quality of lifestyle. You may not be health freak, but following simple science behind Vastu rules ensures you have an environment at home that preserves all positive energy and discard the negative. The science suggests that chemical filled medicines infuse negative energy through their smell on strong smells of spices and other kitchen ingredients. The odor of medicines affecting natural smells of the spices would undermine the nutrient quotient of the food. Therefore, never keep medicines in the kitchen.