Comparing online media vs traditional media for property advertisement

Comparing Online Media Vs Traditional Media for Property Advertisement

Today’s world is the world of the Internet. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. have become an essential element of our lives and are of paramount importance to us. We use them for finding solutions to any kind of requirements we have like for finding locations, searching for an appropriate mode of transport, notifying us with information, aiding in our academics, correcting our spellings, ordering food, buying accessories, online property advertisement and what not.

Almost everyone has access to the internet today, it is no more the asset of the rich. People of all ages whether it may be a teenager or a grown up adult everyone is active on the internet today, which makes it a perfect place for marketing for all kind of businesses.

For online rent advertisement, advertisement and marketing play the most important role. It’s a simple rule the more exposure and public attention a property gets better are the chances of finding an appropriate tenant for the property, and this purpose is duly served by the internet as it is available to almost anyone and everyone today.

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Online rent advertisement Platforms vs Traditional rent Platforms:

Traditional rent Platforms

The traditional way of rental advertisements included publishing an ad in news dailies, using signboards and sticking flyers in the locality in which the property is located in. Doing all of these still provides access to your advertisement to a very limited group of people, confining it only to one’s neighborhood or to the readers of that news dailies. At the same time when you make online advertisements, the number of people you cover is unimaginable, way beyond one’s neighborhood or the readers of a particular news daily.

online property advertisement

  • online rent advertisement make the job of the landlord much easier as it saves him from the cumbersome process of getting the flyers printed and then its distribution, creating signboards and other related stuff. For online advertisements, one can directly contact the related websites and from there on the need not worry.
  • Making rental advertisements online one can upload pictures of his property which makes the advertisement much more connective and attractive as renters get a clear idea of what they are being offered and shortlist those only which cater to their needs. This particular thing cannot be done in traditional advertisements which kills renters as well as landlords precious time.
  • Online advertisements are way more cost-effective than Traditional advertisements. The cost of publishing advertisements in journals, printing flyers, creating signboards or other related stuff is saved.
  • The third party involvement, in Traditional process of renting and even in earlier online rental platforms, is totally excluded. Instead of brokerage which most platforms ask for advertising one’s property, some new service providers have come up with subscription model of business in which one has to subscribe the particular website at a particular amount in exchange it would advertise and provide the landlord clients.


The most important criteria for ensuring that your real estate investment discharges the desired result is by procuring a perfect balance between getting a dependable tenant, ensuring the right rent is being yielded and in cases of vacancies, urgently filling them up. All these things can be only achieved when you have the right platform for online rent advertisement.

Online advertisements exactly cater to your needs for achieving these aims as they provide a wider reach, are cost-effective and at the same time convenient and so have an upper-hand in comparison to the traditional platforms as the latter is more time to take, costlier and cover a smaller number of people.


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