Brokerage vs subscription plans: confused about how to rent your property?

confused about how to rent your property

Advertisements today hold a very important position while marketing our products and services. Without proper advertisement rent your property, it is not possible to garner the needed attention and attract a larger customer base. The difference between an average product and a great product is how it was advertised.

Advertisement can elevate the level of authenticity and trust in a product. Here we shall talk about advertising your renting property. Whether you should go for the traditional method of rent your property without brokerage or try the new method of subscription.

Why Avoid Brokerage Plans to rent your Property?

There are a majority of reasons you should avoid giving brokerage charges. First and foremost is that it is a toll on your pocket and a raid on your hard-earned money. It is a troublesome and exhausting affair. You end up giving most of your profit in the entire process of paying the middleman, hence reducing your profit-margin.

This is even worse when you have multiple properties and rent your property or for sale. For each deal, you need to pay separately and forgetting you new clients, the broker charges his commission each time. As an investor and businessman, it is a very frustrating situation.

To save you from such worries there are online platforms that are coming up with a new business model which shall make this process a lot smoother and better, unlike this one.

You shall now be free from the hassle of paying to any mediator of the deal and can use your funds in a more constructive way. These sites are willing to end up the entire policy of brokerage and commission on every deal or client meeting. They are replacing the policy of brokerage with a policy of subscription.

The amount of this subscription and the nature of it depends from site to site. Some sites charge it on a monthly basis while some do on a yearly basis. The main reasons to opt for subscriptions can be states below.

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confused about how to rent your property

Why Subscription Plans?

Firstly, a person putting an advertisement on such sites need not pay the brokerage charges for rent your property. Once he pays a subscription fee for the specified period of time, he can put his ad for free without giving any extra charges. He is a member of that particular platform for which he has subscribed not only as a businessman but as a client too. Clients too are also a victim of brokerage system. They too are saved from trouble by becoming members of such platforms by paying off the subscription fee.

Any number of ads can be posted in the set tenure without expending a single penny. This process is time-saving and hassle-free. Unlike paying for each ad you post, here you are paying collectively and a very less as the number of ads depend on you.

The policy of getting you a specified number of clients for each ad comes in handy as you can select from the list as to which client is interested in rent your property in Delhi or buying your property. The entire transaction and subscription business is online and it is user ID and password protected.

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