Property Rental Advertisements

Writing a good rental advertisements is not an easy task, it has its own set of challenges. The ad ought to be short, crisp, attractive and at the same time informative. So, one needs to be very particular about his choice of words and use them prudently. Before writing an rental advertisements for property for rent one should be very clear about the type of audience they are targeting and should go about accordingly.

How to begin write rental advertisements?

It is very necessary to write a striking headline at the beginning of your advertisement. The headline should be attractive and clearly indicate the type of tenant you are looking for. To make the headline eye-catching one can use symbols, commonly used abbreviations, capital letters etc., such as >>>Sea-facing, Spacious and Peaceful! A perfect dwelling place for your family.


Such headlines clearly hint at what kind of audience you are targeting for your apartment for rent.

STEP 1 – Describe how life will be like in this great place- keep it impactful.

Write about some special features of the home for rent in Delhi and tell how it is going to be like living in that particular place. The feature should strictly adhere to the audience targeted. One can describe about the spacious garden in the house and tell how would it be like spending evenings in that garden or tell about any picturesque view that can be seen from the property or the comfortable life one will lead to places like school, market, hospital all are nearby or any such unique and attractive feature of the property.

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STEP 2 – Tell what they are being offered that is the basics of the property.

All the features of the property need to be mentioned like the total area of the property, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size of the kitchen, size of living room, information regarding the parking, the electrical and other appliances offered and the additional cost they would incur other than the rent. Things related to electricity and water supply should also be mentioned.

STEP 3 – Tell about the locality of your property.

Next, one should provide the complete address of his property, mention all the important landmarks around the flat for rent. Besides this the distance of all important places like school, hospital, coaching, clinics, pharmacies, restaurants should also be clearly mentioned.

STEP 4 – Posting Pictures

Another important aspect of publishing online rental advertisements is posting appealing pictures. Make sure you don’t post hazy and unclear pictures, it should be clear and properly lit. If possible, post pictures of rooms vacant and without the stuff that is you are not offering. The house in pictures should be clean and not at all in a shabby position.

STEP 5 – Quoting the rent and other important details.

At last, one needs to tell the monthly rent at which they are offering the property. One should also clearly mention the amount the person needs to pay a security deposit, information related to move-in date and if any additional charges of utilities have to be paid. The name of the person with whom one can contact for viewing the property and finalizing the deal should be mentioned along with his contact number.

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